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Simple PHP WebCam v. 0.2 beta

Copyright 2003 under GNU licence by Kasper Skjødt Nielsen - aka Machiavelli of www.macsat.com, kasper@macsat.com

This software is placed under the GNU General Public License, read Copyright.txt for more information.


  • Video4Linux compatible webcam (or other video-device) (http://www.video4linux.net/)
  • PHP running with a webserver (only tested on Apache)
  • One (or both) of the following :
    • Streamer programme from the Xawtv package (http://bytesex.org/xawtv/ )
    • Videodog ( http://planeta.terra.com.br/informatica/gleicon/video4linux/videodog.html )


  • Homepage : http://simplephpwebcam.sourceforge.net
  • Video4Linux drivers for ov511 cameras : http://alpha.dyndns.org/ov511/


  • Install Video4Linux compatible drivers for your device.
  • Install the Xawtv package - standard on several Linux Distributions like RedHat 7.3 or higher.
  • Untar all files to a dir on your webserver.
  • Edit the config_inc.php file to fit your system
  • If you choose to use OnHitUpdates instead of cron, the system now runs, and can be accessed from the url you installed to.
  • If you want to run as Cronjob you need to one of the following things :
    1. This will REPLACE your current crontab. If you have no jobs in cron, this is by far the easiest way !
      • Edit the webcam.cron file to fit you system
      • Execute the following command : crontab webcam.cron OR if you have root access, and what to run the cronjob as apache do : crontab -u apache webcam.cron
      • You are done, and your cam will take a new picture every 10 minutes.
    2. This will ADD the current job to your crontab.
      • Execute the following command : crontab -e
      • Put this in a new line, beneath your current cron lines :

0,10,20,30,40,50 * * * * /usr/bin/php /home/user/webdir/webcam/retrieve.php >/dev/null 2>&1

Where you need to make it fit your system of course.

  • Press Escape (Esc)
  • Type ':w'
  • Type ':q'
  • You are done, and your cam will take a new picture every 10 minutes.

Why dosnt it work ?

  • Be sure that the user running the webserver (often 'apache' or 'httpd') have write-rights to the directory you installed Simple PHP WebCam to, and also to the /images directory.
  • Be sure that you have loaded (often with modprobe) the drivers needed to your video4linux device.
  • Be sure that the webserver user have READ rights to the video device you choose (/dev/video0 as default)


  • 0.2 beta - released March 26'th 2003
    • Added: Support for Videodog as alternative to xawtv streamer
    • Added: Support for only saving the captured image, if it differs from the one before it (semi-motiondetection)
    • BugFix: Gallery was always created, regardless setting in config_inc.php
    • Improvement : Gallery images now sorted with newest image first.
  • 0.1 beta - released March 24'th 2003
    • Initial release

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